Thursday, July 7, 2016

Zone Conferences June 2016

In June we visited then Mission, hosting Zone Conferences.  The Theme was Learning to use the Spirit in ALL aspects of Missionary Work.
Louisville Zone - June 22, 2016

New Albany Zone - June 23, 2016

Evansville Zone - June 24, 2016
The next week we visited Lexington

Lexington Zone - June 28, 2016

                                      Lexington North Zone - June 29, 2016
Our last conference was held in Crestwood Zone
Crestwood Zone - June 30, 2016
I hope you notice we have a new AMA (Area Medical Adviser) Elder/Dr. Nichols and his wife -
Elder/Dr and Sister Nichols
Elder And Sister Fleming
We also have a new Finance and Office Secretary, the Flemings.

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