Monday, January 25, 2016

New Missionary Training

It seems we are always training someone.  This week was no different we trained half of the New Missionaries in Jasper IN.  And, Then went to Lexington to train the rest...........I hope you parents like these the pictures of your missionaries.

Parents, please know we LOVE your sons and daughters.  They are amazing!

January 2016 ZONE conferences

We have just finished another round of Zone Conferences.  I have two say, we have the BEST missionaries the Lord has right here in the GKLM!  The Theme was REPENTING.  Not just for our investigators, but its for us as well.

Evansville, IN. ZONE

Lexington, KY.  ZONE

Lexington  KY. North ZONE
The next week found us with the ....
Crestwood, KY. ZONE

Louisville, KY. ZONE @ Elizabethtown
Last, But not least
New Albany, IN. ZONE

Monday, January 11, 2016

January 2016 MLC

2016 brought a new digital device to the I learn the MAC/APPLE way of doing things please be patient.


Ready to Learn and Discuss

we sure LOVE the Missionaries who come to GREAT Kentucky, Louisville Mission. They give so much of their time, talents, testimony, love for the Savior to the people they serve here.