Friday, October 31, 2014

Transfers - AGAIN

 It feels like Transfers happen every other week.  But, I know 6 weeks have past.  Time continues to fly.......
Glad to be here!

Meet our NEW GKLM Missionaries

Front Row: Left to Right
Sister Kocherhans, Sister Jensen, Sister Beecroft, Sister Brouwer, and Sister Resendez
2nd row:
Sister Kempton, Sister Bancroft, Sister Jarman, Sister Herald, Sister Jones,
and Sister Bunker
3rd row:
Elder Sauter, Elder Weyland, Elder Gould, Elder Asay, Sister Brough, Elder Ashcraft
and Elder Frederickson
Back row:
Elder are suppose to be going home!
  Elder Hansen, Elder Hicks, Pres. Brough, Elder Hustead and Elder Ottesen.

      With every welcome comes a farewell - Our Temple trip was amazing - We do LOVE Our Missionaries!
 Each group is harder to say goodbye to.  This farewell includes Elder Tuttle (Assistant to the President)  3 Outstanding Zone Leaders and Past Sister Training Leaders.  You will be missed!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

SLC Mission Dept. Training

                                    "We have had some amazing  Missionary Training"

Brother Steinagel and Brother Donaldson from the Mission Department in SLC came to visit and Train our Mission Leadership Council. 

        Just look at how happy our missionaries are.  We laughed, cried and even roll-played.  It was a GREAT day!