Friday, June 17, 2016


We have survived another round of TRANSFERS.  21 new missionaries arrived in the GKLM on Monday June 13th.............Here come..........


And EATING..............

Meet OUR Newest Missionaries

Front row L to R - Sister Nielson, Sister Vaughn, Sister Tibbitts, Sister Mendon, Sister Doucette Sister Andrus, and Hermana Corona.
2nd row L to R - Sister Westwood, Sister Groesbeck, Sister Snow, Sister Dawe, Hermana Fluckiger, Sister Bowden
3rd row L to R - Elder Hancock, Sister Brough, Elder Harris, Elder Bragg, Elder Woolley, Elder Sherwood.
Back row L to R - President Brough, Elder Windisch, Elder Clark and Elder Hoole.
On the Ground L to R - Elder Hansen, Elder Russell, Elder Hansen, Elder Steadman and Elder Jergensen.
Behind sign L to R - Sister Holt, Sister France, Sister Griffiths, Elder Watmough, Elder Butikofer, Elder James, Elder Holley, Elder Memmott, Elder Davidson, Elder Bennett, Elder Gough, Sister Stephens, Sister Lloyd, Hermana Rees and Sister Cox.
Whenever we welcome new missionaries.......we must say farewell to others.  We Love you, We miss you and may God always bless you!

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  1. My son is coming next month. We are so So excited for him!! Thank you so much for this blog!!