Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Transfers September 2015

Transfers again!  Yes, every 6 weeks.
Here they come............Just look at those happy, smiling faces!

When we arrive at the Mission Home, we start with some "Welcome" training.  We talk about health, adjusting to missionary life, cleanliness, bugs and more.
Here are some pictures........

Tomorrow they will meet their TRAINERS and the Adventure begins!

With every group that arrives.........We have to say some goodbyes.
Temple Trip


 YES,  We DO LOVE our missionaries.  Good Luck!  We miss you already.

NEW Missionary Training - September 2015

Once again we hit the road to go see how our New Missionaries were doing.  We also did some teaching. "The HOW and WHY" of being a obedient, diligent Christ centered missionaries.  Here are some of the pictures taken. 

Kelly this one is for you!

Monday, September 14, 2015

MLC September 2015

GKLM Mission Leadership Council

 Once a month,The Mission Leadership, gets together to organize, plan and to be trained.  
     Then, they go back to there areas and train the rest of our mission.
 Yes, Moms they do dishes!  They also help me with the clean-up!
What a GREAT group of missionaries we have!

August 2015 TRANSFERS

          Yes, it is that time again............AND........ Here they come....................


Meet the Newest Missionaries to arrive.....
Front Row: L to R - Sister Brough, Sister Nicholas, and Sister Israelsen.
Second Row: L to R - Elder Weeks, Elder Gibby, Elder Crow, Elder Stanley,
Elder Passmore and President Brough.
Back Row: L to R - Elder Olson, Elder Montoya, Elder Peterson, Elder Irwin, Elder Matelau, Elder Walker, Elder Charleton, Elder Field and Elder Beattie.

                          We can't say Hello, Without saying Goodby...............
    Elder Grant, Elder Clark, Elder Geary, Elder Eastin, Elder Naylor, Elder Trost,
Elder Spencer, Elder Beecroft, Elder Staheli, Sister Meadows and Sister Matthews.