Thursday, July 7, 2016

MLC - July 2016

MLC was held on a "Wednesday" because the 4th fell on Monday and so Tuesday became the P-day.

Elder Stegelmeier, Hermana Butterfield, Hermana Imlay and Elder Smith

Sister Windley and Sister Hannah

Sister Nicholas, Sister Webb, Sister Barker, Sister Shumway Sister Peterson, Sister Jensen,
 Elder Matelau and Elder Caldwell

Elder Gunnell, Elder Rassmussen, Elder Hardy, Elder Peterson, Elder Money, Elder Macy
and Elder Stegelmeier
     Here we are being trained and The "Zone" Leaders are giving Zone accountabilities.

AP Asay and Special Guests - Elder Weyland and Elder Blake

Elders Weyland and Blake taught us "The Brother of Jared Challenge"

                                                                  MLC - July 6, 2016

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