Monday, February 27, 2017

Transfers - February 2017

Every 6 weeks we have Transfers!  A group of missionaries arrives on Monday and another group of Missionaries leave, to go home, on Wednesday.  I lovingly refer to this as "Three days of organized chaos".      Here they come.......

Meet the Newest Missionaries to join the GKLM!

Front row L to R - Sister Wilde, Sister Harris, Sister Ludwig and Sister Brough.
Second Row L to R - Elder Imlay, Elder Hoskins, Elder Chowen, Elder Adams and Elder Iglinski.
Back Row L to R - President Brough and Elder Gingell.  (photo bombing Elder Gunnell)

                                    Whenever we say "Welcome" we must also say "Goodbye" 
                                                Missionaries returning home with "Honor"
Sister Nicholas, Sister Israelson, Elder Hynes and Elder Caldwell
Random pictures of this transfer........
Birthday Boy - Elder Gingell

Elders - Hoskins, Adams and Imlay

Sisters - Harris, Wilde and Lugwig

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Zone Conference - February 2017

We Started "Zone Conferences" in Lexington, on Thursday, February 9th,  with The Lexington Zone and Lexington North Zone.

Friday, February 10th we spent the day with the Crestwood Zone and the New Albany Zone.

Tuesday, February 14th we spent the day with the Evansville Zone in Evansville, IN.

Wednesday, February 15th we spent the day in Hurstbourne with the Louisville Zone.

We love to spend time with the Missionaries.......They are incredible sons and daughters of God.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

February MLC 2017

We had the Mission Leadership Council, February 7th.   To discuss the "Worldwide Missionary Broadcast" and HOW we can implement these changes into our mission.

We sing, we council and we eat!

We sure LOVE these Elders and Sisters here in The GKLM.......We have the GREATEST missionaries the Lord has!
MLC February, 2017.......

New Missionary Training

Our New Missionary Training was held on Friday, February 3rd.

We only had one session at the Eastern Parkway building.....The group was small.  Parents, they are doing fabulous!