Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas 2015 Part 2

                       The second Christmas Conference was December 21st in New Albany, IN.
                                                                                  Part 2
Reindeer Games?
Reindeer Games?

Reindeer Games?

Egg Toss

Egg Toss

"Fill" the Ice Cream Cone

Christmas 2015 Part 1

We had "TWO" Christmas Conferences here in the GKLM.  The first was December 17th in Lexington, KY.......
                                                                               Part 1

Cheering for their team!

Post it Club!
Post it Club!

Post it Club!



Reindeer games!

Reindeer games!

Roping the Zone Leaders!

TRANSFERS - December 2015

Yes, after only 5 weeks we had transfers again..........This was a group of 12.   Here they come.....

Meet the newest Missionaries to join the GKLM.........
Front Row - L to R - Sister Ashcroft, Sister Thomas, Sister Bogardus, Elder Schmidt, and Elder Sorensen.
Middle Row - L to R - Sister Ziegler, Elder Kloepfer and Elder Neal.
Back Row - L to R - President and Sister Brough, Hermana Milligan, Hermana Starling, Elder Thompson and Elder Jensen.
As with every group that arrives, we must say farewell.............
Mission Office

Louisville, Kentucky Temple

I know I say this ALL the time, "BUT" we do have the BEST missionaries here in the GKLM!

Monday, December 14, 2015

December MLC 2015

MLC December 2014  

Training went well........Christmas ties seemed to be the theme........and laughter was heard.........

                             We are truly blessed with the BEST missionaries the Lord has...........
The teaching included - HOW to continue to increase our baptisms and confirmations.  HOW to set smarter goals, and the House of Israel.

Transfers November 2015

Yes, its transfers again...........TIME DOES FLY -  It almost seems like we have them every other day.
Meet our NEW missionaries
Here they come!

Welcome to the GKLM!

They have been up since 3:30 am

Front Row L to R - Elder Phillips, Elder Burr, Hermana Linares Acosta, Sister Brough and Elder Hendricks.
                                 Middle Row L to R - Elder Lesh, Elder Trone and Elder Painter.
Back Row L to R - Elder Hernandez, Elder Kessel, Elder Grossman, Elder Clawson, and President Brough.

Our OUT-Bound Missionaries -
The Mission Office
Kentucky, Louisville Temple

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

MLC November 2015

                               Here is the current Mission Leadership Council for the GKLM
We TRAINED...........

We ATE............

They EVEN helped cleanup...........
          The council discussed the calendar, next round of Interviews, and the next Transfer schedule.
Then the Assistants trained on "A more Excellent Way" and Pres. And Sister Brough trained on Repentance and the Sacrament.  WOW what a GREAT day.  We love these missionaries, they never cease to amaze us with there LOVE, DILIGENCE, OBEDIENCE and HUMILITY!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

ZONE Conference October 2015

Its time to visit the missionaries again and do some training.  This was a special round of Zone Conferences. We had two Zones join together at each conference for TIWI device training and installation to mission vehicles. Elder Terrell Edwards came from the Missionary Department in SLC to do the TIWI training.  The installation was done while we were being trained.  This device is an audible mentor to the vehicle driver and monitors seat belt usage, speed and aggressive driving.  If the missionary does not buckle his seat belt a voice will remind him "to check his seat belt", or his speed or his aggressive driving.  This should bring our driving incidents down 95%. 
Brother Terrell Edwards
Evansville and New Albany Zones

Crestwood and Louisville Zones

Lexington and Lexington North Zones

Not sure why the first pictures is so yellow.  Sorry!  We had a GREAT week with our missionaries!

Friday, October 9, 2015

Sister Training 2015

We held a Special Sisters Training on October 7, 2015.  The plan was to help each sister try to "BUILD A BETTER YOU".
Training was given on "Building Better Faith", "Building Smarter Goals"," Building a Better Look"  and "Building Self Esteem".  We had GREAT time!

             Look at our BEAUTIFUL Sister missionaries!  We truly have the BEST missionaries on this earth!

MLC October 2015

Yes, we met again as a Mission Council to discuss challenges, share ideas and learn how to up grade our phones.
 Here we are trying to figure out the NEW phones..........
And, of course we always eat!
Our Chefs for the day "Waite" and "Steadman"

Mission Leadership Council, October 2015