Saturday, July 30, 2016

Transfers July 2016

Yes, we had another transfer!  It seems like every other week.  But, I know 6 weeks have actually past.  Meet the newest missionaries to join the GKLM -

Here we are training.........

Front Row L to R - Sister Gittins, Sister Lee, Sister Bradshaw, Sister Hafen, Sister Dotson, Sister Brough and Elder Bettridge
Second Row L to R - Elder Illingsworth, Sister Banks, Sister Wilkenson, Sister Dorian, Sister Campbell, Elder Richardson, Elder Moody.
Third Row L to R - Elder Heward, Elder Agren, Elder Heusser, Elder Thorpe, Elder Robins, Elder Adams and Elder Pryor.
Back Row L to R - Elder Morrow, Elder Smith, Elder Hopkins, Elder Spencer, Elder Stucki, Elder Taeoalii, President Brough, Elder Maxfield, Elder Moyer (photo bomb), and Elder Winward.
Welcome to the GKLM........This is the BEST MISSION!
Whenever we have a Welcome......We also have to say Goodbye......
 L to R - Elder Jacobsen, Elder Stewart, Elder Hardy, Elder Jacobson, Elder Hamilton, Elder Macy, Elder Blake, Elder Gay, Elder Viehweg, Elder Money, Elder Waite, Elder Chandler, Sister Hannah, Sister Rickords, Hermana Imlay, Hermana Little and Hermana Crowther.
  We miss you Already!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

MLC - July 2016

MLC was held on a "Wednesday" because the 4th fell on Monday and so Tuesday became the P-day.

Elder Stegelmeier, Hermana Butterfield, Hermana Imlay and Elder Smith

Sister Windley and Sister Hannah

Sister Nicholas, Sister Webb, Sister Barker, Sister Shumway Sister Peterson, Sister Jensen,
 Elder Matelau and Elder Caldwell

Elder Gunnell, Elder Rassmussen, Elder Hardy, Elder Peterson, Elder Money, Elder Macy
and Elder Stegelmeier
     Here we are being trained and The "Zone" Leaders are giving Zone accountabilities.

AP Asay and Special Guests - Elder Weyland and Elder Blake

Elders Weyland and Blake taught us "The Brother of Jared Challenge"

                                                                  MLC - July 6, 2016

Zone Conferences June 2016

In June we visited then Mission, hosting Zone Conferences.  The Theme was Learning to use the Spirit in ALL aspects of Missionary Work.
Louisville Zone - June 22, 2016

New Albany Zone - June 23, 2016

Evansville Zone - June 24, 2016
The next week we visited Lexington

Lexington Zone - June 28, 2016

                                      Lexington North Zone - June 29, 2016
Our last conference was held in Crestwood Zone
Crestwood Zone - June 30, 2016
I hope you notice we have a new AMA (Area Medical Adviser) Elder/Dr. Nichols and his wife -
Elder/Dr and Sister Nichols
Elder And Sister Fleming
We also have a new Finance and Office Secretary, the Flemings.