Monday, March 23, 2015

March 2015 Flooding

Yes, Parents with ALL the snow and then the rain the Ohio River flooded its banks.  I thought you might like some pictures.  These were taken at the river park and from the walking bridge over the Ohio River.

Backbone of this MISSION

Parents, I thought you might like to meet our office couples.  They are the BACKBONE of this mission.  Because of there hard work The President and I can spend more time with the missionaries.
Elder and Sister Moulton run the office.
Elder and Sister Roderick manage the apartments and our fleet of vehicles.

 Between these two couples - phones are answered, correspondence is dealt with,
 media is ordered, rent is paid on time, cars are inspected and exchanged and
 many, many  more management problems are dealt with.
  Thank You!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

March MLC 2015

Once again the Mission Leadership Council (MLC) gathered at the Mission Home to discuss Upcoming events, Interview schedule, Mission problems, State of the Mission, our Mission Vision and Training.  Lots of training!

          These leaders are such GREAT examples - Love them to eternity and Beyond!
                                            Is Elder White actually sleeping?

Thursday, March 5, 2015

March "Madness" 2015 Transfers

Our March Transfers finished just in time for 12 inches of snow to be dumped on Louisville last night.  About midnight, we got the call that the LAST "home-bound" group  (stuck in Atlanta) made it home safely.  So grateful for the Lords Tender Mercies.  Pictures outside of the Mission Home, just taken.  More snow expected.

 We love transfers........we get very excited to meet the new missionaries coming to the   GKLM!
                      AND here they come.......
                                    Meet the New Missionaries in The GKLM!
           Front Row L to R : Sister Crofoot, Hermana Millett and Sister Windley.
Middle L to R: Sister Jensen, Hermana Imlay, Hermana Little & Hermana Crowther.
Back L to R: Pres. Brough, Elder Wilde, Elder Caldwell, Elder Hynes & Sister Brough.
As always,  when a new group arrives we have to say goodbye to those "Seasoned" missionaries.
                                                We LOVE you and we will MISS you! 

Snow Day?

I have never HAD a snow day.  This is a first for me.  What do you do on a snow day?
                    We have been out training our new missionaries here are some pics.
As you can see,  one of the buildings did not have electricity/heat for the first 45 minutes we were there.  It was cold!  Then the FM group came and reset the system and electricity and heat were restored.