Sunday, December 14, 2014

December 2014 Transfers

    What an amazing Mission we ALL get to serve in.  Every 6 weeks we have  "transfers".  New Missionaries arriving and Seasoned missionaries returning home.  What a GREAT adventure!
                                         Meet the newest Missionaries to the GKLM.
                        Here they are!  Dads and Moms did you find your Missionary?

Back Row-L to R Elder Myers, Elder Long, Elder Moyer, Elder Hill, Elder Peck and Pres. Brough.  Middle Row-L to R Elder Smith, Elder Davidson, Elder Shelley, Elder Riphenburg, Elder Mair, Elder Sorensen, Elder Rasmussen and Sister Brough.  Front  Row-L to R Sister Stephens, Hermana Larson, Sister Lloyd, Sister France, Sister Cox, Sister Griffiths and Sister Holt.

                                              We love You!  See you on Facebook.

November Zone Conferences

                                  November brought another round of Zone Conferences.
                                          We Started in the Lexington, North Zone.

Then, we visited the Lexington Zone.

 The Next week we visited the Crestwood Zone.
                                                            The Louisville West Zone,
Sorry about this picture, we had to take it in the chapel.  The gym was being used.

Then, the New Albany Zone.
                                                          And, the Evansville Zone.

                                            Last, BUT not least the Louisville Central Zone.
We have the GREATEST Missionaries in the World!


                          The Leadership (Zone Leaders and Sister Training) are the BEST ever!
They are such HAMS!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Transfers - AGAIN

 It feels like Transfers happen every other week.  But, I know 6 weeks have past.  Time continues to fly.......
Glad to be here!

Meet our NEW GKLM Missionaries

Front Row: Left to Right
Sister Kocherhans, Sister Jensen, Sister Beecroft, Sister Brouwer, and Sister Resendez
2nd row:
Sister Kempton, Sister Bancroft, Sister Jarman, Sister Herald, Sister Jones,
and Sister Bunker
3rd row:
Elder Sauter, Elder Weyland, Elder Gould, Elder Asay, Sister Brough, Elder Ashcraft
and Elder Frederickson
Back row:
Elder are suppose to be going home!
  Elder Hansen, Elder Hicks, Pres. Brough, Elder Hustead and Elder Ottesen.

      With every welcome comes a farewell - Our Temple trip was amazing - We do LOVE Our Missionaries!
 Each group is harder to say goodbye to.  This farewell includes Elder Tuttle (Assistant to the President)  3 Outstanding Zone Leaders and Past Sister Training Leaders.  You will be missed!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

SLC Mission Dept. Training

                                    "We have had some amazing  Missionary Training"

Brother Steinagel and Brother Donaldson from the Mission Department in SLC came to visit and Train our Mission Leadership Council. 

        Just look at how happy our missionaries are.  We laughed, cried and even roll-played.  It was a GREAT day!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Transfers - Did someone say Tranfers?

               It's hard to believe that we are starting our "2nd" Transfer Week.
                                               WHERE does the time go?
    Here we are waiting at the airport for the missionaries coming from the MTC in Mexico City and the MTC in Provo, Utah.

                                                            Meet our NEW Missionaries!
Back row: Elder Murdoch, Elder Thorson, Elder Bennett, Elder Durfee, Elder Johnson, Elder Peterson, Elder Gaskin, Elder Andrews, Elder Macy (Spanish Speaking) Elder Blake (Spanish Speaking) and President Brough.  Middle Row: Sister Lee, Sister Spiteri, Sister Ferrell, Sister Briggs, Sister Rammell, Sister Bush and Sister Brough.  Front Row: Hermana Bown, Hermana Smith, Hermana Arnoldson, Hermana Bateman, and Sister Hinton.

                                     As always with the Welcomes' come the "Farewells"
                        Good-bye Adios, see you latter Alligator, we're SAD to see you go!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Zone Conferences August/September 2014

                         We Started our Zone Conferences in the Louisville West Zone.
                                     The next day we traveled to The New Albany Zone.

And, we finished the week out in The Louisville Central Zone.

We were very lucky to have our AMA (Area Medical Adviser) with us for
 the first three Conferences.
Elder Dr. and Mrs. Allgaier

He talked about stomach problems and then set-up a clinic for questions
 and anything else our missionaries needed to discuss with the Doctor.
 It was GREAT!
  We hope to have him back for Zone Conferences in November.

September 2nd found us in Evansville, IN for our 
Evansville Zone Conference.

                                  Then we headed to the Lexington KY Zone Conference.
                          We stayed overnight for the Lexington North Zone Conference.
                                             We finished the week at the Crestwood Zone.
                  What do you think Zone Leaders Rasmussen and Johnson were up to?

Friday, August 29, 2014

Mission Conference

The 25th of August brought two very special guests to The GKLM
Elder Craig A. Cardon of the Seventy and his wife Debbie.
"Work of Salvation"  was the topic and we learned as missionaries we are the

As Missionaries we can
-Member Missionary Work-
-Convert Retention-
-Temple and Family History Work-  and
-Teach the Gospel-

Lexington Zone, Lexington North Zone and Crestwood Zone.

Louisville Zone, Louisville West Zone,  New Albany Zone and Evansville Zone.

Monday, August 18, 2014

August MLC

August 12th brought all the "Mission Leadership" to the Mission Home for Zone Leaders and STL's reports, Lunch and THEN TRAINING.   We love the singing! 
We have GREAT young leaders - who are trying to show exact obedience to the Lord and their Leaders.  WOW,  where did these Elders, Sisters, and Hermana's come from?  They have truly been saved for these last days, when the Lord is hastening his work.


Friday, August 15, 2014

So Long and Farewell

                               The LAST trip to the Kentucky Louisville Temple, for now.

                                  LAST picture at the Mission Office - Airport - and Home.

We said farewell to some GREAT missionaries - One AP, Zone Leaders, District Leaders and Sister Training Leaders.  Their presence will be missed by ALL.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

August NEW Missionaries

                                           August 4th brought us 24 NEW Missionaries:
 Back row to front, left to right: Elder Chandler, Elder Jacobsen, Elder Hardy, Elder Money, Elder Gay, Elder Viehweg, Elder Hamilton.  Next row: Elder Larsen, Elder Stewart, President Brough, Elder Waite,  Elder Jacobson, and Elder Loveless.  Sister and Hermanas: Hermana Gamett, Hermana Butts, Sister Wagner, Sister Brough, Hermana Matagi-Magalei, Hermana Wade, Hermana Bennett  Front row:  Hermana Steele, Hermana Failner, Hermana Hearne, Sister Patterson, Sister Taylor and Hermana Farris.


             We have survived our first Transfer  - What an awesome experience!
First, the new "Hermanas"  arrived from The Mexico City MTC:

Left to Right:Hermana Matagi-Magalei, Hermana Steele, Hermana Failner, Hermana Wade, Sister Brough, Hermana Butts, Hermana Gamett, Hermana Farris, Herman Bennett and Hermana Hearne.

Then we waited another 10 to 20 minutes for the Missionaries coming from the Provo MTC:
                                                              Waiting, Waiting AND
                                                                    Here they come!

Arriving from Provo MTC were: Elder Chandler, Elder Gay, Elder Hamilton, Elder Hardy, Elder Jacobsen (with an e) and Elder Jacobson (with an o) Elder Loveless, Elder Money, Elder Stewart, Elder Viehweg and Elder Waite.  We also, had three Sister come, Sister Patterson. Sister Taylor and Sister Wagner.
                                                          Just look at ALL that luggage!