Thursday, November 5, 2015

ZONE Conference October 2015

Its time to visit the missionaries again and do some training.  This was a special round of Zone Conferences. We had two Zones join together at each conference for TIWI device training and installation to mission vehicles. Elder Terrell Edwards came from the Missionary Department in SLC to do the TIWI training.  The installation was done while we were being trained.  This device is an audible mentor to the vehicle driver and monitors seat belt usage, speed and aggressive driving.  If the missionary does not buckle his seat belt a voice will remind him "to check his seat belt", or his speed or his aggressive driving.  This should bring our driving incidents down 95%. 
Brother Terrell Edwards
Evansville and New Albany Zones

Crestwood and Louisville Zones

Lexington and Lexington North Zones

Not sure why the first pictures is so yellow.  Sorry!  We had a GREAT week with our missionaries!

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