Friday, October 31, 2014

Transfers - AGAIN

 It feels like Transfers happen every other week.  But, I know 6 weeks have past.  Time continues to fly.......
Glad to be here!

Meet our NEW GKLM Missionaries

Front Row: Left to Right
Sister Kocherhans, Sister Jensen, Sister Beecroft, Sister Brouwer, and Sister Resendez
2nd row:
Sister Kempton, Sister Bancroft, Sister Jarman, Sister Herald, Sister Jones,
and Sister Bunker
3rd row:
Elder Sauter, Elder Weyland, Elder Gould, Elder Asay, Sister Brough, Elder Ashcraft
and Elder Frederickson
Back row:
Elder are suppose to be going home!
  Elder Hansen, Elder Hicks, Pres. Brough, Elder Hustead and Elder Ottesen.

      With every welcome comes a farewell - Our Temple trip was amazing - We do LOVE Our Missionaries!
 Each group is harder to say goodbye to.  This farewell includes Elder Tuttle (Assistant to the President)  3 Outstanding Zone Leaders and Past Sister Training Leaders.  You will be missed!

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  1. Thank you, President and Sister Brough! Sister Jaco learned so much from your teachings and guidance. What a wonderful picture--such valiant missionaries!